Extinguished 0.3

Version 0.3 of Extinguished is released. This is the third release of the game.

Source: http://perpetualpyramid.com/drupal/extinguished_game

Play as a group of firemen trying to rescue people from a burning building.

Whats new in v0.3

Updated level select screen with rendering of whole town

Added new Level ("Church")
  • Simplified by removing the fireman menu. Actions are now context sensitive single clicks
  • Simplified displays to merge temperature and water display into one
  • Firemen using the hose will use it intelligently to water the hottest area
  • Added visual effect to show the fireman is using the hose
  • Animated background for the level select screen
  • Added tooltip for saved/dead bodies on the HUD
  • When people die they now leave a burnt corpse
  • Explosions now leave the exploded material burning for a while afterwards
  • Explosions cause additional damage to the floor
  • Fixed bug which where changing the body being saved would prevent the original body from being saved by anyone else