serge 0.4.2

Version 0.4.2 of the serge engine is released. This is the second independent release of the engine


Whats new in v0.4.1

  • Fixed bug in MuteButton - would always mute music regardless of the flag setting
  • Fixed bug in Sound - pause/unpause behaviour was not working properly for sounds (ok for music)
  • Added SoundTexture block to create sounds textures that depend on the location of actors etc
  • Allowing converting alpha mode of sprites to drastically improve blitting
  • Added profiler for collecting detailed timing from the engine
  • Fixed bug when rendering multiple lines of text. Longest line was not always recognized resulting in cutoff
  • Added FPS display to template game
  • Added -S option to template game to go straight to the main screen, bypassing the start screen
  • Added engine version number to credits screen on template game

Whats new in v0.4.2

  • Added SimplePhysicsActor to blocks
  • Added PolygonVisual as a visual element to handle polygon shapes
  • Documented fysom finite state machine block
  • Renderer can now return rendering order of its layers
  • Mouse events now fire in the order of topmost layer first
  • Backwards incompatibility: Static layers no longer fire first in the event order. Use layer orders instead.
  • Added installDebugHook to serge.common. If you call this then the game will drop into pdb when an unhandled error occurs
  • Added TextGenerator block to allow generation of randomized text
  • ToggledMenu now sets layer properly for menu items