Extinguished 0.4

Version 0.4 of Extinguished is released. This is the fourth release of the game.

Source: http://perpetualpyramid.com/drupal/extinguished_game

Play as a group of firemen trying to rescue people from a burning building.

Whats new in v0.4

  • Added new Level ("House")
  • Each location now supports multiple levels
  • Firemen can now break down doors to open pathways
  • Levels can now have electrical conduits which allow fire to spread quickly to other areas
  • Electrical conduits are visible in heat goggles mode
  • Highest scores (most people, shortest time) now implemented for all levels
  • Heat goggles mode updated visuals showing body heat signatures
  • Heat goggles mode doesn't allow control of firemen
  • Speed optimisations increases framerate by 2x or 3x during a large fire
  • Fixed bug with firemen looking in the wrong direction when the level starts