Automusic Generator

A automatic music generation system based on a cellular automaton sequencer.

This is a simple music generation system that allows you to create music automatically using a variety of instruments. The music comes from a sequence of notes which are played by a simple 2d cellular automaton. 

Left click to create an active cell. Active cells move towards the boundaries and are reflected. As they do this they generate a note, which depends on where they hit on the boundary. If two cells occupy the same square then they will each rotate their direction by 90 degrees clockwise. 

These simple rules generate patterns that gradually evolve over time. The idea was based on the Otomata sequencer (

Version 0.1 includes basic instruments with sounds from Apple's Garage Band.

There is no UI to edit the instruments but if you are adventurous then you can poke around in the "instruments" folders and change notes, sounds etc.


Source (v0.1)

Source downloads require Python 2.6+, pygame 1.9+


Whats new in v0.1

  • This is the first release of the game


Gameplay video