Development area

I created a starting page for the development part of the site today.

Right now I have included a list of all the tools that I am using. Eventually I will start assembling the documentation for serge there also. 

New "syndicate" like game


Achievements achieved

I finished the implementation of the achievements system and the main screen showing all the achievements in the game. There are still a few items to clean up like,


Begun work on the achievements system

I began work on the achievements system today. I build a new block in serge to handle recording and rendering of achievements. I tried this out by adding some simple achievements to QANAT.


Exogene updated

I released an update to Exogene today. This update significantly adds to the playability and fixes some lingering issue with the underlying serge engine.

Added Exogene game

I uploaded the first release of Exogene, my new tower defence game. 

Content migration complete

All the content from the old site is now migrated across.

Each game has its own page and there are articles for each release. The system seems to work reasonably well and I will now focus on making the content for the new game release, Exogene.

At some point I need to point the old pages to the new locations and I need to migrate the default page to the Drupal home page.


Moving to the new Drupal site

I am gradually now moving all my content to the Drupal site. The site should be much easier to maintain, although there is a reasonable learning curve to begin with, particularly when trying to get the site to look the way you want it.

I am going to try to have a page for each game and then I can publish news and releases on that page. There will also be a general page for all games.



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