A Bomberman clone

Play against the smack-talking AI over 5 levels of frantic bombing action or use a randomly generated maze for a new experience each time.



Source (v0.4)

Source downloads require Python 3.6+, pygame, and NetworkX (included)

Whats new in v0.4
 - Converted to Python 3
 - Can now turn off alternate game modes from the menu and command line
 - Can now turn off smack talking from the menu and command line
​Whats new in v0.3
 - Added new "heart" game items. You can now win by stealing the AI's hearts
 - Added "capture the flag" game mechanic. Can now win by capturing and holding the flag
 - Random items now added to the maze every so often
 - Start screen shows all the items in the game and what they do
 - Added animation effects to scoring
 - Continue to show smack talk when waiting to restart after game over
What's new in v0.2
 - Random maze generator
 - Computer now talks smack at various other screens
Gameplay video
Random Maze Generation in v0.2
Blast your way Fight the smack-talking AI Random maze generator
v0.3 UI and Random Items