A tower defence type game with multiple waves of enemies attacking multiple points to defend.


Place towers strategically to defend against the waves of enemies. Watch
out for the enemies attacking multiple points.

     Source (v0.4.1)

Source release requires Python 2.6+, pygame and networkx 1.5+ (easy_install networkx)

What's New in 0.4.1

  • Fixed issue where you could accidentally add a turret by clicking "START"
  • Permanently show summary of turrent properties
  • Added pop-out details to show detailed turret properties
  • Source code is now also available on Google code

What's New in 0.4

  • Turrets can now be placed exactly (they don't snap to the underlying grid)

  • Range of turret is now shows as a filled circle

  • Sound added when setting a tower down

  • Visual and audible indication of when an enemy reaches the goal

  • Added visual effect to startup screen

What's New in 0.3

  • Added achievements system for when you perform certain in game actions 
  • Included hints for first couple of levels
  • Tuned difficulty of level 3 and 4
  • Included version check on NetworkX - needs >= 1.5

What's New in 0.2.1

  •  Fixed a packaging issue for the Pandemonium level where "level-12.tmx" was missing

What's New in 0.2

  •  Added four new levels
  •  Added reverse mode (making 24 total playable levels)
  •  Added Mute Button to mute all sound
  •  Added check mark for levels you have completed
  •  Completing certain levels now unlocks multiple levels
  •  Added check for networkx when first running
  •  Fixed bug where levels were not locked when they should have been
  •  Fixed bug where bullets would immediately hit target when pymunk not present
  •  Graphics update to icon and each turret gets its own bullet
Gameplay Video
Start Screen Multiple Paths Defend Choke Points
8 different levels, each with their own challenges Enemy waves attack down different paths Strategically place your turrets at choke points to repel the waves of enemies