Fission Seed

A story driven, action adventure shooter.

Explore a large city eliminating enemy agents and performing missions. Rely on force or stealth, it's your choice. Make use of shadows and cover to sneak up on your enemy or come out all guns blazing. 


     Source (v0.2)

Source release requires Python 2.7+, pygame, numpy and networkx 1.5+ (easy_install networkx)

What's New in 0.2

  • Added a visual mission indicator that shows the begining and ending of a mission section
  • Completed out the third mission
  • Fixed issue with local lighting effects that could cause crash on OSX
  • Health gradually regenerates
  • Ammo gradually regenerates

What's New in 0.1

  • This is the first release of Fission Seed. 
  • This is a preview release to flush out bugs and gameplay issues.
  • There are three missions. 
Gameplay Video
Start Screen Battle enemies Light and Shade
3 missions (many more to come!), each with their own challenges Battle enemy agents, turrets and other hazards Use light and cover to your advantage. Sneak up on enemies but watch that they don't sneak up on you!