The Gödel Sentence

A story driven game set in a post apocalyptic future.

The world has been decimated. A rogue nation launched a bio-bomb into the upper atmosphere releasing a pathogen into the world's water supply. Within weeks cities were deserted, people dying within 3 days of infection.

You are in a small group of survivors. You must distribute the remaining water amongst your group. You don't have enough water for all to survive. Use the data available to you to decide who gets water and who doesn't. 

The game can be played only once, so choose wisely.

Requires python3 and pygame

This was a pyweek 20 entry.


 Source (v0.3)

​Whats new in v0.3
 - Initial version of the game
Gameplay walkthrough - Warning this shows the whole story so is a big spoiler!
Early Version Final Version