The Laboratory

This page shows ongoing works-in-progress, experiments and things that never saw the light of day! I'll post code, screenshots and videos as I go along but things on here might never make it to the published stage so just get in touch with me via the About page if you have any questions or suggestions.

Active Ongoing Projects


These are projects that I am actively working on and likely to become published games.






  • Space Invaders - the classic built using the unity3d engine as a training exercise for me!​






  • ]Murder Mystery - a game where you play a detective trying to solve a crime
  • Online High Scores - a general online high score system for use with many games, based on a Google App Engine back end

Inactive Projects That Might Complete

These projects were in an experimental stage but I am not currently working them. I may restart them or abandon them.

  • Campaign - an implementation of the board game "Risk". I completed the game mechanics and basic AI.

Abandoned Projects

  • Asteroids - everyones favourite classic game but with rigorous geometry for when asteroid break in two. It is neat to see, but I couldn't see how to make it fun!


Experimental projects that were never intended to get to a published game stage but may be of interest anyway.

  • Unity3d first person perspective: an experiment in working with first person, 3d worlds in Unity. This proves to be quite easy and in some ways it is easier than 3d. I was able to cobble together a reasonable space in a few hours with terrain, dynamic lighting, spatial sound etc.