A challenging physics based puzzle game where you use magnets to maneuver balls through a series of levels.

On each level you must find a way to guide a number of different coloured balls to their destination zones by using a series of magnets or by nudging the table.

Watch out for hazards and the perilous purple balls!

Source Downloads


Source downloads require Python 2.6+, pygame 1.9+ and pymunk

Gameplay Video
Levels Magnets Nudging
Play over a number of challenging levels - check back later to download more levels. Use magnets to move the balls around into the scoring zones. Nudge balls to overcome obstacles..

Move the balls into the colour zones to increase your score. Max out all the scores to advance to the next level.

Simply drag the magnets around by left clicking on them. Hold down the right mouse button near a ball to nudge it out of the way or fling it into space! But beware, nudging slowly drains your score.

Watch out for the purple balls - they will quickly drain your score back to zero!