A Minesweeper clone with a retro feel.

Clear the field of mines by infering their location. When you click on a square it will tell you how many mines are adjacent to that square. Use this information to work out where the mines are and clear the rest of the field. As a memory aid you can place flags where you think a mine is.

Three levels give you three different size fields to clear. Compete against others online to have the best time to beat a level.

Version 0.2 includes both the classic gameplay and an enhanced mode with some different gameplay features.


Source (v0.2.1)

Source downloads require Python 2.6+, pygame 1.9+

​Whats new in v0.2.1
 - Changed default mode to classic
 - Fixed issue where you could flag squares that had already been revealed
 - Left-clicking on a square with all its flags set will clear around it
Whats new in v0.2
 - Added new game mode. Hidden trigger cells can set of timed mines. Oscilloscope and sensor bar
 - In new game mode a sensor shows an indication of the number of mines close by
 - Sounds for in-game events (clear square, lay flag, explode bomb)
 - Added sound mute button
 - Fixed bug in selecting difficulty menu item on high score screen

Whats new in v0.1

  • This is the first release of the game
  • Classic Minesweeper gameplay
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Online leaderboard


Developer walkthrough video
Gameplay video
Watch out for mines! Clear the field Online Leaderboard