New "syndicate" like game

I've started work on a new game, loosely inspired by the "Syndicate" game. It will be a 2d top-down town simulation where you get to perform missions.

You will directly control your character rather than controlling a squad, like in Syndicate. From the early pictures you can see that I have the cell based map working. It scrolls around as you move. Also there are 100 characters all moving around in the town. They are pathfinding from a start point to a goal point. Right now the start and goal are chosen randomly but I will make this more strategy oriented and there will be situational people in there, who will patrol and hunt you down.

I will be working for a while on the main simulation part of the gameplay to make sure that the town feels rich and interesting to explore. I will add in the quests and missions later when everything is working the way I want it.