Aether Conjurer

Main Gameplay Idea

The hidden object type games are addictive because you have to find elements in a picture and then click on them in quick succession. The fun is that as you get more experience then you know where the elements are and you can get quicker and quicker at locating them.


The gameplay idea here is to use the idea of visually locating items in a recipe and clicking on them as quick as you can. In this game the items correspond to elem

ents of a spell. If you click on them fast enough then the spell will be cast. You need to use the spells to fight ever more difficult enemies.


When you start the game you are just trying to find individual elements. Later you will need to build combos of elements to attack and defend yourself from the enemies.


There are no power-ups in the game. You just get better and better at recognizing the recipe to use and then being able to locate the elements of the recipe in real time.

You create magic from the aether - here's the very basics to allow me to start testing the gameplay. On the second screenshot you can see the strength grids, which are used to show an enemies strengths and weaknesses so you can choose an appropriate spell to cast at them.

Added the inital version of drawing the recipe items. It is a bit hard to see from the screenshot but the items are progressively drawn onto the screen as though they were being drawn in the air.