A vertical shoot-em-up inspired by the classic Galaxians.

Defend your planet from waves of invaders using your gun turret. Manage the gun temperature to avoid overheating and watch you ammo level to avoid running out.


Source (v0.7)

Source downloads require Python 2.6+, pygame 1.9+

What's New in 0.7

  • New "Mothership" levels - aliens gradually emerge from the mothership to attack you
  • New "Bomber" alien - drops a bomb that explodes in fragments at a certain height
  • Many extra levels - now 25 in total
  • Added pause - Press P to pause gameplay

What's New in 0.6

  • Added a new web high scores table. Your high score is now tracked online so you can compete against other people

What's New in 0.5

  • Removed restriction on ammo
  • Changed the impact of overheating. Now the gun fires slower bullets which sometimes fragment
  • Added sound and visual cue when extra life is gained
  • Added animation when the player ship is destroyed
  • Fixed bug where sounds might not play (too few pygame channels used)
  • Tweaked alien motion

What's New in 0.4

  • Aliens now crash to earth after being shot. Crashing aliens will destroy your ship.
  • Updated ship icon. Ship changes appearance when the gun is too hot.
  • Can run the game in full screen mode (run with "python -F").
  • Fixed bug when starting the game. Bombs dropped during the intro could sometimes kill you.
Gameplay video
Start Screen Complex wave with divers Watch out for falling aliens
The Mothership Arrives Bomber Aliens