Explore deep, dark caves and caverns.

The game features 

  • dynamic lighting - the cave is completely dark except for flares that you light
  • physics - use ropes to descend into the cave. Watch out for steep falls
  • procedurally generated caves

Requires, Python 2.7, Pygame, Pymunk and SciPy

Download source: Source code (v0.3.1)


Significant additions in this release are sound texturing, an achievements system and the inclusion of named crystals to collect.

Whats new in v0.3.1

  •     Improved framerate by 50%

Whats new in v0.3

  •     Fixed camera showing junk at the bottom of the cave
  •     Added dynamic sound texture to make the sound of water sound like it originates from the falls
  •     Added dynamic sound for the crystals and added a sound for when you collect one
  •     Added dynamic sound for the flares and frogs within the cave
  •     Fixed bug which prevented using a randomly chosen cave
  •     Added achievements system
  •     Fixed bug where cave might be blocked below a certain point (diagonal tunnels too narrow)
  •     Added named crystals and named crystal collection screen