A tactical, turn-based clone of PACMAN

Guide your TACMAN around the maze to eat all the red pills just like the original PACMAN game except that you and the ghosts take it in turns to move. Eating the yellow pills turns the ghosts blue for a while and you can eat them too.

You can use icicles to temporarily freeze the ghosts to get out of trouble or use the speed boost to power your way across to the other side of the maze.

Source Download


Source downloads require Python 2.6+, pygame 1.9+ , pymunk and networkx installed

Executable Download

Windows Executable

Gameplay video
Main Screen Freeze Ghosts in place Eat the yellow pill
Choose your moves carefully as you clear the maze. Don't let the ghosts trap you in Freeze the ghosts in an ice cube to get yourself out of tight spots. Eat the yellow pills to turn the tables on the ghosts!