One room, one hit man, one target, one outcome?

You play a hit man, trying to complete a series of contract hits.

You complete hits by accumulating sufficient Hit Points (HP) while
avoiding detection by the police by limiting the number of
Detection Points  (DP) on the board.

You accumulate HP and DP by playing a series of cards
and then rolling some dice. Cards represent different locations
for the kill, weapons, and various attack options.

The dealer will try to work against you by reducing the number
of HP and raising the number of DP by playing defensive
cards against you.

As you progres through the contracts, more
detectives join the case, making it even harder
to avoid detection

Win the game by completing 6 successful contracts.



Source (v0.4)

Source downloads require Python 2.7 and pygame

​Whats new in v0.4.0
 - Added credits screen
​Whats new in v0.3.2
 - Release of the application for Pyweek 19 judging
Gameplay video
Main UI Game Board Cards